Vol. 8, No. 43, November, 2019

Indo-Pacific Strategy Opportunities for Taiwan

Shao-cheng Sun

Analysis of North Korean Missile Launches

Robert McCoy

Taiwan Between the US and China

Patrick Mendis & Joey Wang

Assymetric Defense for Taiwan

Tobias Burgers

Recent Developments in the Indo-Pacific

Editorial Board

From The Editor

The editors and staff of Strategic Vision would like to wish our readers well this winter season. The Asia-Pacific continues to undergo important developments. We hope that students and scholars in the academic community have the chance to keep-up with these events. In support of that effort, we offer our latest edition of Strategic Vision.

We open this issue with Dr. Shao-cheng Sun, a visiting profes- sor at the Citadel in the United States, who examines the op- portunities for Taiwan under the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the United States.

Next, Robert McCoy, a specialist on the North Korean military, analyzes the motivation behind North Korea’s recent missile tests. Dr. Patrick Mendis, a visiting professor of global affairs at National Chengchi University, and Joey Wang a defense analyst in the United States, gauge the position of Taipei as it finds itself balancing between Beijing and Washington.

Frequent contributor Dr. Tobias Burgers argues that Taiwan should take a more asymmetric approach to defense. Finally, Strategic Vision’s editorial board members offer their insights into recent developments in the Indo-Pacific Region.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to bringing you the finest analysis and reporting on the issues of importance to security in the Taiwan Strait and the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu
Strategic Vision